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Curated Works

Mono//Logic III

performed by the JACK quartet

First Ladies

Song Cycle for Soprano and Piano

Harmonic Gospels

performed by Hypercube

Sample Scores

We're Not Going To Heaven

For Full Orchestra

An orchestra piece using contemporary techniques that explores ideas of identity, sexuality, and faith.

A Quiet Plague

For Wind Ensemble

This work describes the tale of Job, first taking a look at exuberant naivete, his perceived fall from Grace, and the return to it, however, there is no happy ending to this piece, but rather a sense of isolation.


For Saxophone Quartet and Fixed Media

Drawing from my love of pop culture, this piece takes sound bytes from the film Night of the Living Dead, which due to an oversight fell into copyright obscurity and ultimately public domain in the 1960s. It pairs these sounds with the gritty potential, the sweet lyricism, and the acrobatic capabilities of the Saxophone Quartet. 

Current Catalogue

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For Large Ensemble

We're Not Going To Heaven (Full Orchestra

Prismatic Nightmare (String Orchestra)

Bet the Devil Your Head (Full Orchestra)

Portrait of a Dying Queen (Orchestra)

Like An Irish Air (Wind Band)

A Quiet Plague (Wind Band)

Once Upon A Word (Wind Band)

Silence//Magic of the Pristine World (SATB + Piano)

The Sun Has Long Been Set (SSAA Choir)

The Snow Has Fled... (SSAATTBB)

Stay With Me (SSAATTBB)

Vocal Solos

First Ladies (Song Cycle for Soprano and Piano) - Queen's New Music Festival Selection

               Also Available for Soprano, Piano, Clarinet, Flute, Violin, Viola, & Cello

Dancing with Van Gogh (for Voice and Piano)

The Apartment (Tenor and Piano)

Instrumental Solos

Wounded (Solo Trombone)

Take Me To The River (Solo Violin)

Victor Frankenstein in the Arctic (Clarinet)

The Weight of Water (Tuba and Electronics)

Pillar of Light in the Necropolis (Flute and Electronics)

Diminishing Returns (Flute)

Reflections of Ichimu's Death Poem (Clarinet and Piano)

Four Airwrecks of 1943 (Trombone)

Kosmonaught (for Tuba Alone)

Three Shipwrecks of 1886 (Trombone)

Chamber Music

Mono//Logic III (String Quartet)

How To Build A Tin Foil House (Accordion and Cello)

Laughing in a House of God (String Quartet)

Leidenfrost: More Than A Cold Shoulder (Sinfonietta)

Afraid (SATB Saxophone Quartet + Electronics)

The Woman in the Room (Chamber Opera)

Ere to this Haunt of Fractured Memories (Two Pianos)

Roll Fortune (Four Violins, Cello, Tenor)

Sextet Variations (For Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Viola, Cello, & Piano)

Death-Blue Machine (Trombone Trio)

Piano Solos

Nobody (for Piano and Fixed Media)

Mono//Logic I
Salzburg Echo
Endenich Echo
Heiligenstadt Echo
Heiligenstadt Fugue
Afraid (for Piano and Fixed Media)

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